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Our History

Our history, like that of many family-owned companies, comes primarily from an idea. While the birth of a company
usually starts from a table ,surrounded by consultants and lawyers, we have simply started from the work experience of a
pharmacist and his sister. Seeing the birth of a company and its products, regardless of their nature, requires special
attention to the surrounding world and its needs. In this case, our world is the pharmacy with its patients, and their
needs, demands, and expectations.

For years, the classic vision of cosmetics has utilized synthetic substances and are aimed to deliver great visual
impact. The presence of silicones in cosmetics has created a sort of habituation to the result, due to their ability to
simply and effectively cover the signs of time.

Over the years, fortunately, the awareness of the importance in the quality of life, in all its forms, has risen.

Today the consumer is more conscientious of safe and harmful ingredients.

That’s it. It is from these considerations that the idea of creating Marol Biopharma was born. Each of our products was
created with the expectation with quality. Enormous research work was conducted among the various active ingredients
and, even more importantly, among the various excipients, not only to respect the limits imposed by the various
certifying bodies, but to guarantee the widest possible naturalness of the product.

We did not produce skincare lines, such as Prickly Pear or Saffron, by chance. Our other formulations with different
active ingredients have also been the subject of attention and rigorous tests. Much testing was required because we were
the first to try a combination of these ingredients!

At the same time, the name of the line was also the subject of heated discussions, several versions were suggested and,
eventually, this led to BioMiura.

BioMiura symbolizes the theme of organic, and is combined with Miura, a breed of bulls that are known for their strength
and tenacity. The logo is surrounded by a cherry blossom branch to further symbolize rebirth and good omen.

After looking at different models of packaging, we decided to design them in such a way as to convey the contents of the
product itself upon first glance. Thus, each package has a unique box indicating the natural principles present in the
product. The overall goal is to provide great visual impact, along with immediate clarity.

The only thing that did not require any effort, and was born by chance, is our slogan:

Silicone covers…… Nature repairs

Each of us, with our own personality and imagination, has contributed to the realization of this project. The diversity
of ideas, which was translated into a continuous confrontation, has been our wealth.

So much has been done and even more is left to be done, but the research and seriousness of our project is lavished in
all the aspects. Along the way, this led to the realization and awareness that we have taken the right path.