A year has passed since the BioMiura line entered the organic cosmetics market.

We were pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback that our products have obtained thanks to the ever-growing audience on the internet, from you who discover us for the first time to already loyal customers. Thank you so much.

Here … we would like to celebrate our first birthday here with you all … and for this reason we have decided to renovate our virtual house with a new graphic design, which well follows the advice received from our customers.

Thus our site grows, which with an elegantly professional appearance, and a renewed consultancy service to our customers, has the ambition of wanting to advise and follow our customers in choosing the best cosmetic among those we offer.

Listening to your suggestions, we anticipate that in the coming weeks our offer will be enriched with the release on the market of the line of face masks with different characteristics for your every need.

BioMiura staff