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was born from the will of a pharmacist, Dr. Losanna, who learned about the limits of classical cosmetic formulations through years of professional commitment and close contact with the public. Together with his family, he decided to start an ambitious new project, aimed at creating a novel formulation of cosmetics that could give good results without simply covering the signs of time using silicones.

Nature does not cheat…

rather, it simply needs time to fix things. By embracing this motto, he selected the best active ingredients of organic origins to create a set of products that can help each woman to dilute the effects of time.

This is how the BioMiura organic cosmetics line was born.

The products of the BioMiura line brings to reality the potential that nature offers. Thanks to the high dosage of active ingredients, at best the possible synergies between them, the BioMiura line can truly provide benefits and comfort to the specific areas of the face that each product uniquely targets.